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The Migrant Web Guide Database

This CD is complete Data base which is fully searchable it has over 1000 websites dedicated to help potential Australian migrants find and research information about everything to do with migration to Australia, houses, schools, medical, government departments, trade recognition, migrant agents, etc. It is an essential resource to anyone head to Australia, Migrants, Students, Temporary workers, even Tourists. It will help you research all sorts of topics.

This data base has been created for migrants by migrants who know what you are looking for and most of it is on the internet these days. If you can not find what you are looking for in this data base of over 1000 websites drop us a note and we help you locate the information you are seeking.

This CD requires no loading of programs or software you just put it in your computer and away it goes. It can be used off line, to view the information on the disc but to get the best of it you need to be online where you can link straight to the sites!

Note- Systems Requirements: Windows 98SE, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Above. Min 128mb RAM

Priced at just £5.99  (£7.99 Inc P&P)

Table of Contents
1. Accommodation Websites
2. Agricultural Web Sites
3. Airlines Websites
4. Arts & Culture & Entertainment
5. Australia General & Tourist Websites
6. Australian Bureau of Statistics
7. Australian Government Departments & Agencies
8. Australian Tax Information
9. Australian Tax Office
10. Banking & Finance Websites
11. Building Hardware & DIY
12. Business Information Websites
13. Car Hire & Sales Websites
14. Careers & Recruitment Websites
15. Centrelink Information
16. Children's Websites
17. Consumer Information
18. Customs & Quarantine
19. Defence Information
20. Education Information


21. Emergency Services
22. English Language Testing
23. Environment Information
24. Gardening Information
25. Health & Medical Information
26. Housing & Real Estate Information
27. Insurance Information
28. Internet Information
29. Law & Legal Information
30. Major City’s Information
31. Maps & Guides
32. Meet & Greet Services
33. Migration Agents
34. Migration Information
35. Miscellaneous Websites
36. Motoring Clubs & Organisations
37. News & Media Websites
38. Pension Information
39. Pets & Animals
40. Postal Information
41. Recognition Bodies for Trades & Professionals

42. Religious Information
43. Removal Companies
44. Science Websites
45. Shops & Stores Websites
46. Social & Contact Groups
47. Sports & Recreation Websites
48. Storage of Goods
49. Transportation information
50. UK Tax Websites
51. Unions Websites
52. Utility's, Telephone, Electric, etc
53. Visa Information Websites
54. Wages Information Websites
55. Weather Websites
56. Wildlife Websites

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